Think Christmas in July

Here's part of a presentation I made at the International Photo Imagers' Summer Splash in Cancun.

Step one was taking a few pictures of local businesses with a digital camera. The examples shown here are two of our local downtown restaurants, which may help explain why I'm a few pounds over my fighting weight.

I also took a picture of one of the great signs that welcomes people to Aiken.

Step two was using PhotoShop to turn that sign into a greeting card template.

Step three was making a couple cards for each business.

Step four, a Post-It note addressed to the business owner and slapped onto the picture.

Step five, pop the card and note into a hand-addressed envelope.

It tells the recipients three things:

  1. We have (at least one) digital camera and know how to use them.
  2. We've got a new lab that can make prints (and greeting cards) from digital cameras.
  3. Their business would look great on a photo greeting card!

Because these go out early, they should start the recipients thinking about cards early. I'll guaranty that this is one mailing piece that doesn't get thrown in the trash! Naturally I saved those files in case somebody wants to order that exact card!