The verdict is in…

"You are absolutely welcome to use anything I have said on your web site, Chris. 

"I am sincere when I say that we were as thrilled with it as the participants were.

"We had been talking about doing a digital class for months, but just couldn't figure out where to start or how to present it. Your presentation made it unbelievably easy - and we had never used PowerPoint before! 

"We were able to go in and make the customizations necessary and easily present it to the class. In all honesty, I would have been willing to pay a lot more for the quality and the content!

"The screen grabbing is working out great, too. I am working on a presentation for a meeting next week, and now that I know how to do Power Point, I am using it for the presentation. Thanks for teaching me so much!!"

Paula F Stebbins
PhotoTek of Lake Charles, Inc
4430 Nelson Road
Lake Charles, LA    70605

"I just received Chris Lydle's "Lesson Plan for Digital Cameras" for PowerPoint. GREAT job Chris.

"This is a must for anyone wishing to make a cohesive presentation to those masses out there. The program is completely adaptable and can be customized to fit your needs."

Bill Gruber, Total Photo, Solana Beach CA

One of the best ways to build new and lasting relationships with your customers is to teach photo courses. The hot topic of the day is digital photography, of course. The right lesson plan will not only turn digital camera owners into skilled digital camera users, it will turn them into long-term customers.

Do you have such a lesson plan? Can you develop one? Now you don't have to, because we've created one that you can make your own!

And it's more than just a lesson plan. It's a complete Power Point slideshow ready to project on a screen. (Guaranteed to cover stage fright.)

While great public speakers may not need a detailed script, most of us don't fall into that category. That's why the detailed script is included. Sure, you'll want to practice enough to build a natural speaking cadence, but after a run through or two, the entire audience will be convinced that YOU wrote and built this presentation.

You'll want to give your students something to take away - something that will keep your name in front of them. That's included, too. All you have to do is add your store name and logo to the passout document. It's  free with the Power Point presentation. We've made sure that the content is so valuable your customers will not throw it away.

You have to give your students reasons to be customers. You have to help them discover the value of coming back to you for all their accessories:

Teaching digital photo courses is the best way to turn digital camera owners into customers, instead of a growing stream of "ex's."

Teaching digital photo courses is even a way to make money. People will pay you - gladly - for what you're going to teach them. And you don't have to be bashful about what you charge. Look at how much computer classes cost in your own neighborhood. When it has anything to do with computers, the public expects to pay for knowledge and support.

And they'll come out of your classes ready to buy things from your store and your lab. One of the best retailers in the photo/imaging industry puts it this way:

"When I'm standing behind my counter telling them to buy Photo Shop Elements, I'm wearing my 'pushy salesman's' hat. And they've got their sales resistance mode at full power.

"When I'm charging them good money to tell them the same thing in the classroom, now I'm their mentor. They come out of the class to the sales counter and tell my sales associate they need to buy Photo Shop Elements. It's their 'homework assignment.'"

Brian Noble (Noble’s, Hingham, MA)

Here's what you can cover in a 90-minute or 2-hour class:

Are you ready to teach all these subjects? Do you have the graphics you need to teach all these subjects?

You don't have to start from scratch, because I've done the hard work for you.

Here's what you get:

I'll even include a sample radio ad and print ad.

How long would it take you - how much time and money would you have to spend - to create something like this yourself? You'd probably spend at least 10 or 20 hours to create something worthwhile, we've put over 150 hours into it and it looks great!

You can have all this for $97 (for one store), and use it to make yourself look good. Your first few paying students will more than cover the cost, but you can teach as many sessions as you want within your own store's marketing area. (Multiple store operations please contact me for special licenses.)

You get all three presentations:

That's right, there are THREE complete PowerPoint presentations included to make your life easier, and to make YOU the expert no matter who you are talking to.  The word document for the short "class" is a one page handout.  The document for the "classroom" is a seven page presentation that your students will be sure to refer to over and over again.

This exciting presentation is ready to ship right now. Just $97 plus $4.99 shipping and handling. In the USA we use Priority Mail, other countries we use our best judgment.

Yes, we accept purchase orders from accredited schools.