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(Effective February 28th, this book will only be available as a PMA Business Resource)  

Running a successful specialty camera store just got a lot easier…

Credit managers hold the success of your business in their hands. What's the secret to getting along with credit managers - even when cash is tight?

"Secrets" tells you exactly that.

How much merchandise should you buy? "Secrets" will help you develop an open-to-buy program that works - without your having to become an information technology specialist.

How can you make your advertising dollars go farther? "Secrets" shows you how to squeeze those advertising dollars 'til they squeak, and helps you become a guerilla marketer.

For about the cost of one roll of 6" x 575' printing paper, you'll learn new ways of training - simplified systems of bookkeeping - even how to use e-mail marketing effectively.

Unlock the power of your computer to help you guide your business. 

Have you ever wondered which credit card company really offers the best deal? With different discount structures, batch fees, terminal rentals, ACH fees and the like, it's almost impossible to know how much it will cost you to switch providers - or how much more you might make.

My specialized spreadsheet lets you plug in the numbers and immediately see what the true cost is. That's just one of the tools you'll get with "Secrets of the Successful Specialty Camera Store."

Considering changing the prices on your one-hour processing, or offering second set free promos? My specialized spreadsheet lets you plug in the numbers and immediately know how much more business you'll have to do just to break even! Another tool you get with "Secrets of the Successful Camera Store."

Just one of those tools can save you far more than the cost of the tool kit - and there's much more.

After 35 years operating and owning successful camera stores (and some that were not so successful) I'm ready to share my secrets with you. Some of it will look familiar, if you've read my articles in Minilab Developments - Photo Marketing - Shutterbug, heard my seminars at the PMAI conventions, or followed the Photo/Image News Network web site. Most of it will be all new, because I've never shared it before.

Take control of your new or existing camera store with all these useable computer documents and spreadsheets:

  • Business cycle and monthly cash flow analysis (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Evaluating credit card provider programs (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Mini lab break-even statements (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Daily Report - sample form to consolidate the information from cash register and credit card terminals (Word Document)
  • Start Up Expenses - Determine how much money you need to open your specialty camera store (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Profit and Loss Statement (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Balance Sheet (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Break Even Analysis (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Repair Logs - All the most critical information about customer repairs in one place (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Processing Log - log in customer processing orders. Fills in the bag numbers for you so that when staff members pull bags out of sequence, you can still maintain orderly records. (Excel spreadsheet)
  • New Profit Center Analysis spreadsheets:
    • Minilab
    • Portrait Studio
    • Passport photos
    • Digital imaging and restoration center
    • Video transfer center

Who should have this book?

  • Those trying to determine what their next career should be; that is, shopping for a franchise or other small business
  • Current camera store operators who want to do it better
  • Industry members who do not now own a store, but would like to: store employees, employees of Kodak or Fuji or Nikon who face retirement and would like to "jump over the counter"
  • Retiring store operators who want to give their successors a step up

What will you find?

After a hard-hitting analysis of the growth of the specialty camera store and its future in an increasingly-digital age, you'll get pull-no-punches recommendations on:

  • Naming your store - it can make a difference
  • Choosing your location, and negotiating a lease
  • Designing your store for better traffic and bigger profits
  • Finding great store fixtures that won't cost an arm and a leg
  • Creating signs that sell for you
  • Besting the competition in the market segment
  • The best advertising that money can't buy (but you can do it for free)
  • Merchandise selection - put your money where it matters
  • Pricing policies that let you take on the big guys
  • Staffing - where to find them, how to train them
  • Taxes…the less said the better, but you want to avoid costly mistakes
  • 4 Profit Centers that you can get into with little or no investment

You'll get step-by-step instructions on operations, plus all these useful forms you can customize for your business:

  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Start-Up Expense Calculator
  • Monthly Cash Flow Analysis
  • Open-to-buy Calculator
  • Minilab Pro Forma Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Choosing a Credit Card Provider - whose deal is really the cheapest?
  • Accounts Payable Aging
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Repair Log Book
  • Photofinishing Log Book
  • Cooperative Advertising Claim Form
  • Coupon Claim Form

No flat paper book could give you all this. That's why I've published it on a CD-ROM. You get more than a book because every spreadsheet, every form I show can be customized for your own use - and they're all here..

To order or for more information call (800) 762-9287 or (517) 788-8100 or email