Screen savers turn your computers into silent salesmenů

When I suddenly hear customers laughing as they stand near the digital imaging center, I can bet they're just seen this on my computer screen: "Get red of 150 pounds of ugly fat - we'll take your "ex" out of the picture"  It's part of my "silent salesman," the screen saver.

Anyplace in your store where customers can see a computer screen, they should be seeing an advertisement. Or maybe we should call it an "animated display panel."

The technique is simple.

Using your digital imaging software, make a series of signs and pictures that tell the story you want to tell.

Here are some suggestions:

As you see above, we've taken some before and after shots showing our restoration efforts.

If your computer's monitor is set to a resolution of 480x640, size your images to 480x640. If your computer's monitor is set to a resolution of 600x800, size your images to 600x800.

Using your screen saver program, link the images in the order you want them to appear. I use EZ-Photo because I had it on the computer, but After Dark is an excellent screen saver program. Experiment with the interval between images. I find about 5 seconds is good. My screen saver turns on whenever the computer is unattended for more than a minute.

Our program has far more signs than are shown in the image above. Animated GIF files like the accompanying illustration are slow to download, which is why this one is so brief.