Book Review

Skip to the Loo! by Linda Wright  US $18.95 225 pages

I've always thought bathrooms mattered - now I know why!

Like Linda Wright, I'm a photo industry retailer. And I've always felt a little guilty when one of my customers wanted to use the bathroom. Like it wasn't exactly up to par.

Unlike me, Linda DID something about it. In "Skip to the Loo" she shows exactly why the right bathroom makeover is a much better form of marketing than many of the advertising media we keep throwing money at.

The right facilities - coupled with the right policies - may not have customers beating a path to your door. But one woman tells another, and she tells 2 others, and they tell 2 others. We'd call it "viral marketing" but probably shouldn't talk about viruses and bathrooms in the same sentence...

My initial reaction was that Linda had taken a topic deserving of a paragraph and turned it into a book. Then I read the whole thing and realized it's all good.

From little things like choosing which way the TP should come off the roll (yes, there really is a correct choice) to the layout of fixtures, "Skip to the Loo" covers EVERYTHING.

Spurred on by the comments of industry pundits, I had upgraded my own store's loo several months ago. Now I'm going to go back and do the rest of the job.

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