Book Review

Efficient Large Group Photography by Allen Showalter  US $7.95 8 pages

How do you take a picture of a really big group? 100 heads or more? And end up seeing every face big enough to know who's had botox and who hasn't?

Allen Showalter, president of King Photo in the Shenandoah Valley, has the answers and shares them in this thin pamphlet. His formula for posing the big groups will have you smacking yourself on the forehead saying "why didn't I think of that?"

Returning group event photos to clients while the event is still taking place offers a truly competitive advantage over other labs and photographers in the market. To do this, posing, payment, processing and delivery must operate efficiently. This booklet will guide you through the process of working with large group event photos. The reader should have working knowledge of photography and lighting and a photo lab capable of making 8-by-10 photos faster than one per minute

Efficient Large Group Photography  is published by  the PMA Business Resources Center.