Book Review

Going Digital by Alex L. Goldfayn US $12.95 184 pages

Alex Goldfayn writes the "My Tech" column for the Chicago Tribune. He also hosts The Technology Tailor radio show on WGN radio.

His latest book is cheap and it's got some useful information for your customers. It says some nice things about some photo retailers. So why do we warn you not to buy this book? Because his recommendations are strongly anti-specialty retailer. That's a valid viewpoint, just not one I want to put into the hands of my own customers.

While it's got lots of useful tips for the consumer, one of those tips is

"Of course, to find out if a camera feels right in your hands you have to get to an electronics store to touch and feel . . . you can buy online . . . (after) you get to personally experience it at a store."

Chapter 3, Going Shopping

First Goldfayn advises the consumer to visit a store "to view, handle, and interact with the digital cameras"

Then, "Once you've finished your examination, leave the store" (in other words, pick the brains of the store personnel and leave fingerprints on all the merchandise)

"I'm not suggesting you shouldn't make your purchase at a bricks-and-mortar electronics retailer. You certainly can, but only after you've determined which one has the best price."

And that's why I won't sell this book!

On the plus side: he really conveys the excitement of the digital imaging experience.

Going Digital is published by Harper Collins Publishers and is available from the PMA Business Resources Center.