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Teach Them and They Will Come

What's the best way to turn shoppers into buyers? Become their mentor. Teach them. Become a charismatic teacher and build your students' enthusiasm for their new digital cameras.

If you're a little short on charisma, we've got some for you. Charisma in the form of great lesson plans and speeches that help you conquer stage fright while you look like a hero to your students.

And it's more than just a lesson plan. It's a complete Power Point slideshow ready to project on a screen. (Guaranteed to cover stage fright.)

Teaching digital photo courses is the best way to turn digital camera owners into customers, instead of a growing stream of "ex's."

Teaching digital photo courses is even a way to make money. People will pay you - gladly - for what you're going to teach them. And you don't have to be bashful about what you charge. Look at how much computer classes cost in your own neighborhood. When it has anything to do with computers, the public expects to pay for knowledge and support.

And they'll come out of your classes ready to buy … 

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Running a successful specialty camera store just got a lot easier…

Want to buy better, use your cash flow better, track repairs better?

"Secrets" tells you how.

Wish you could make realistic projections of what would happen if your lowered your photofinishing prices - before you make the plunge? 

"Secrets" tells you how.

How much merchandise should you buy? "Secrets" will help you develop an open-to-buy program that works - without your having to become an information technology specialist.

How can you make your advertising dollars go farther? "Secrets" shows you how to squeeze those advertising dollars 'til they squeak, and helps you become a guerilla marketer.

For about the cost of one roll of 6" x 575' printing paper, you'll learn new ways of training - simplified systems of bookkeeping - even how to use e-mail marketing effectively.

Just one of those tools can save you far more than the cost of the tool kit - and there's much more.

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"Chris' "Tell Them You Wrote The Book" promotion has to be the number one best marketing idea of all time for the digital camera age"

Jim Schwarzbach
marketing genius and creator of

"When it comes to digital cameras, Chris wrote the book." It’s a bold claim and to make it true, I actually did write and publish "the book." Learn all about it.

See what it's all about with a single copy, then contact us about our licensing program

Our unique guide to Choosing and Using Digital Cameras is a CD-ROM tool. In addition to technical specifications on many of the digital cameras we sell, you'll also find

  • Getting pictures from camera to computer
  • Attaching photos to e-mail
  • Getting great prints from your digital camera
we'll answer your questions, such as:
  • What's a pixel and how many do I need?
  • How big are digital pictures
  • What else do I need?
  • Is my computer good enough?
  • Why don't these cameras use good old floppy disks?
  • How can I keep my pictures safe?
  • How should I organize my photos?

Starts automatically on most PCs and is readable on late-model Mac computers.

$11.99 prepaid 

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