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McCurry Associates Marketing Idea Exchange - First Issue


Newsletter 1 - Inaugural Issue

This first email discusses various ideas around contests and customer picture displays for your retail showroom. These ideas may be adopted for use in commercial labs. A variety of ideas for different types of labs will be explored in the upcoming weeks. Please Enjoy, Consider and Profit from these ideas.

All The Best,

Idea #1 - From Jim Schwarzbach, Jim’s Photo, El Paso Texas - (915) 594-9393

To increase frame sales, remove the face sheets that come in frames and replace them with real photographs. Ask your customers if you can use their great photos, pay them by giving them a free enlargement.

Be sure to remove the enlargements when you sell a frame for reuse in your next shipment.

Many customers will tell their friends that their photo is on display at your lab, what great advertising. Customers will look around your store at all the frames to find their photo, sometimes buying a frame in the process.

It's a cheap, effective, multi pronged promotion that gets customers happy/proud that their photo was chosen. They tell their friends, which is word of mouth advertising - the best kind of advertising that money can never buy.

Suggestion - One employee must be in charge of keeping the frames filled with real photos. That employee needs to go through the finishing bins every Thursday to find new photos. Make a sticker to place on the outside of the envelope to alert counter staff that a photo inside has been honored.

DON'T LET TWO OR MORE PEOPLE BE IN CHARGE OF THE PROGRAM, and for heavens sake don't put yourself in charge of it. It's work. One last tip - when a frame is sold, there has to be a dedicated place in your lab where the removed photos are to be placed for reuse.

Idea #2 – From Mike Woodland, Dan’s Camera City, Allentown, PA (610) 434-2313

We run our photo contests with themes. Our current theme is "Things That Grow". We have pictures of kids, animals, plants, and some critters we can’t identify. The winners are determined by a vote of the customers. The contestants ask their friends to come in and vote for them so that drives store traffic.
The winner gets first pick of all the prizes. Many of the prizes are things we get with help from manufacturers. There are times the third place winner gets a point and shoot camera because the first place winner already has a camera and wanted a tripod while the second place winner took a flash. This way everyone is a winner.

Idea #3 – From the "Worst Idea" file – name withheld

One of the worst things we ever did was a joint venture for a photo contest when we didn’t run the contest ourselves. We learned that we shouldn’t partner with someone unless both parties are very clear as to exactly what each party will do and what each party expects out of the deal. Then make sure everyone lives up to their part of the deal.

Newsletter 2

Bill McCurry
McCurry Associates

609 688-1169


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