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Using Mac files on your Windows-based computer

When we got our latest PC-based digital imaging system put together, we were quick to let the local art and photo students know about it. We figured they'd want true photographic prints from their Photoshop projects, and we were right. Only one problem - they brought in their ZIP disks with files made on the Macintosh computers used at the University, and our system is PC based!

After doing a little research we found two things:

  1. Almost nobody knows how to convert the files.
  2. There are two readily available software products that do the job.

Both Mac-in-DOS and Conversions Plus unlock the Mac files as easy as pie. Both also allow you to write files in either format.

Each costs about $100, but it turned out that I already owned a copy of E-Mail Attachment Opener, an older product from Data Viz. Therefore I was eligible to update to Conversions Plus for $19.99, and I downloaded the software immediately. I tried it, it works! Buying Information

The next problem facing us was that some files opened and some wouldn't. The locked files had been created with a later version of Photoshop than we had. I finally had to open my wallet and update to Version 5.5, which is well worth the $199 update price.

Here's the sign we printed on our Fuji Pictrostat and posted at the University:

mactopc.jpg (43070 bytes) (click on image for more detail)

Buying information:

NetUSA/Pacific Miroelectronics Tel: (650)948-6200
201 San Antonio Circle C250 Fax: (650)948-6296
Mountain View, CA 94040

DataViz Inc.
55 Corporate Drive
Trumbull, CT 06611
Phone: 800-733-0030
Fax: 203-268-4345
e-mail Web:



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