Notes from Down Under

Since installing a digital lab last year we have been constantly complimented on our reprints as opposed to those done by our competitors. I guess we are bit slow in learning just how good we are. We are often too involved in the tech aspects and other production 

We are surrounded by offers from retailers, non photographic, offering processing at $6.95, the "same" product we sell at $20.90. We are keep busy 7 days a week with two printers 1 analog 1300pph & 1 digital 1700pph. Sure we have our walkouts with those shopping purely on price, but I hate losing any rolls. So remembering back to a PMA seminar a few years ago with the hairdresser who said we "fix $6 haircuts" I thought I would try the same, but with photos of course.

Wefix$6.95.jpg (49618 bytes) With that concept we have produced (the advantage of having both 4&8 color 60" inkjets), ceiling hung posters, AO floor graphics and backlit trannys showing over, under, color casts and backlit photos, then "our" correctly printed images, especially the difference with backlit shots printed on our digital printer as opposed to "their" printer. (Click on any image to see a larger version)

We decided to do half price remakes of any competitors prints from 6"x4" - 8"x12" , from35mm neg/slide or APS. We ask that the original print is supplied and have started our own window display, with permission, scanning the original print to 8x12 and our "fixed" print next to it.

This has only started so time will tell, but it is now it is much 
easier for staff to counteract the price sensitive shopper and it 
reinforces the decisions of those who aren't.

I am happy to send a pdf of our poster to anyone who is interested.

More sample posters from Phil Gresham's FotoFast