Book Review

Digital Scrapbooking by Sally Beacham and Lori J. Davis US $29.99 274 pages plus CD appendix.

Who’d have believed that a book with this title could be one of the best tutorials on the use of digital imaging software? Well it is!

I found some of the authors' explanations of digital imaging fundamentals better than the way I've been teaching them for years - so I changed my curriculum.

In addition to Photoshop Elements, Digital Scrapbooking shows how to achieve great results with Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Digital Image Pro, Serif PhotoPlus and Ulead PhotoImpact XL.

Coming to Photoshop from the camera business side, I’ve only learned the features that relate directly to that industry. Sizing, cloning, sharpening, cropping, restoration, the healing brushes – that sort of thing. I always knew there was more to it than that.

Beacham and Davis have a different concept. They show scrappers how to use Photoshop and many other image editing software packages to make the kind of special composite images that integrate photo memories with all kinds of visual elements. Wording, fonts, photo and art images come together to form a specialized unit.

With such chapter subheads as “Ribbons, Fibers and Bows, Oh My” they show how paper scrapbookers have embraced the concept of lumpy layouts – adding dimension and texture to a layout by adding objects that “lift” off the page, such as ribbons, yarn, fabric and other common crafters’ notions.

Those multi-form pages can add bulk and weight to scrapbooks, as well as decreasing the longevity of the project.

The CD which accompanies Digital Scrapbooking includes image files of many such lumpy notions, as well as more than 100 fonts and samples of creative labels.

If you sell scrapping supplies now, you should sell this book. If you want to sell printing services to scrapbookers, you should read this book. And while you’re considering selling to scrappers, add some good 12”x12” albums and frames to your product mix.

Digital Scrapbooking is published by Thomson Course Technology and is available from the PMA Business Resources Center.