The custom CD look without silk screening

As more and more of our customers order CDs with the development of their films, one burning question arises:

How on earth do you have the unmitigated gall to charge $6.99 for the same CD they can buy for 12.9 cents at Staples?

Sure, you and I both know it's not the blank CD the customer is paying for, but the equipment you bought and the service you're providing. Giving them a good looking CD is one step toward justifying what you're charging.

If you buy a lot of blank CDs for one purpose - such as making CDs from your customers' films or digital media - your best solution is buying from a specialty vendor such as Acutrack. They silk screen high-quality blank CDs and the cost can be well under a dollar apiece, depending on the quantity and the number of colors in your design.

You can also buy special ink jet printers that have a tray for blank, inprintable CDs. Models like the Epson 900 can also be used for regular printing. Some dealers who have used them report that the resulting CD is not as attractive as the professionally prepared ones, and that the cost is not low when you take into account the cost of ink and the cost of inprintable CDs.

I print several different products on CD, but usually not enough to justify an order of 1,000 CDs! I opted for a simple method to produce good-looking CDs. The CD-Stomper label application system applies pre-cut labels to any CD and does so smoothly. When producing CDs we've found labeling to be quite a bit quicker than waiting for the CD to finish burning.

CD-Stomper comes with Click'n'Design software, which allows you to design your own labels. Two labels print on each sheet of label material. After the labels are printed, you place one - adhesive up - on the CD Stomper. Put a blank CD on the central spindle, press it down, and the label is applied, perfectly applied and without wrinkles.

The best way to buy the labels is in the 300-label bulk pack.  We've printed labels on a number of ink-jet printers, which are slow but produce a quality product. Add the cost of ink and a blank CD and you're still well under a buck apiece. We deliver our CD products in a slim-line plastic jewel case, which doesn't cost any more than paper if you buy carefully.

Our retail store recently add a Xerox Phaser color printer to the lineup. Now the labels we print look better than ever, and printing the labels helps us meet our monthly usage requirements for the printer.

We can provide you with great looking labels or complete blank CDs. E-mail me for a price quotation.