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Your big box competitors have these, why don't you?

Make all these brochures your own with our Brochure Pack #1

Become the local expert with these prepared products. Brochures are written in the universal Word document format, ready for you to plug in your store or studio name and address. Make them your own when you personalize them with local photographs and data.

As Gary Grinaker, the wizard of niche marketing, phrased it

Wow, what a deal.

I couldn't hire a high school student to write one brochure for $19.95 and Chris is offering a rack full of templates.

This Super Buy is a no-brainer. We have a half dozen brochures already and they each take a good day to layout, write and proof. And I'm a fast typist.

I print brochures in full color on a Xerox Phaser double-side color printer that I got for free.You'll learn how you can get a duplex color printer for free, too. Just one of the extras you'll find on the CD.

Most brochures are double sided and formatted to fold in the popular “slim jim” format, so they fit in standard literature racks.

Answer your customers’ most common questions and promote your most profitable products and services at the same time.

  • How to get a US Passport – helps you sell more passport photos. Insert your own store name and prices, local agency addresses
  • Archiving images from your digital camera. Includes step-by-step instructions on burning CDs and a selling message for long-life archival CDs.
  • Icons on a digital camera – what they each mean and how to make the best settings. Also includes your price list for digital print services
  • Choosing a digital camera – you can be the camera expert
  • Buying a new computer for digital cameras. How many times have you had to answer your customers’ questions on this topic? Be their friend.
  • Sports Photography by Available Light – emphasis on digital cameras, explains why amateur photographers have a tough time getting as good photos as the pros, tells how to get the best results in the real world on a realistic budget. Promotes use of monopods.
  • Jewel case calendars – photos and directions for your customer. Insert your own store name and prices.
  • Choosing the program your computer uses to open specific file types, such as .jpg
  • Copy photos and restoration – a guide to your services. Includes detailed copyright information and contact numbers for major studios from which permission might be needed.
  • Cropping – show your customer exactly how to make their images fit your standard paper sizes.
  • Digicam Transfers – a 3-page instruction sheet on getting photos from digital cameras into a Windows computer, with lots of screen grabs and a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows.
  • Dream Weavers – if you sell woven blankets and wall hangings this is for you.
  • Gift List - What to give the guy/gal who has everything digital
  • The Care and Feeding of Memory Cards – how to protect them, how many photos fit on a given sides. Promotes Promaster brand cards and your image recovery services.
  • Better Photos Help Sell Real Estate – shows Realtors™ how to take better photos for listings. Promotes tripods, monopods and the Kodak V570 digital camera.
  • Christmas Wish List – a half sheet of paper which your customers can hang on the fridge as a “subtle reminder” of what they really want. Insert your own store name and contact information
  • Top 10 reasons NOT to buy a digital camera

It would take you dozens, maybe hundreds, of hours to create these yourself. Every document, every brochure, every sign, has been designed for photo specialty and all have been used successfully in the photo specialty retail environment.

Regularly $29.99, this complete set is available for a limited time for only $19.99 until 10/21/06.

Special bonus - order before 10/15/06 and get Jim Schwarzbach's famous Photoshop actions that create jewel case covers and discount certificates for restorations.

Jim's Photo Lab was the number one dealer in restorations for Hollywood Foto Fix for two years in a row - 2003 and 2004. He attributes much of his success to the marketing program you'll get for free!

But wait - there's more! – In addition to the 17 brochure templates listed, you'll get several editable Photoshop psd files for even more signs and handouts, plus our Excel template "market price" sign for memory cards.

All this on one CD. Order now