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Agfa's  Seminars for Success are back, with Bill McCurry at the helm

"Profit Enhancement is the Goal"

Bill McCurry got me even more excited about my business and focused me on areas where I could immediately increase my profits. I’m bringing my entire staff to the sales session to get energized!

Brian Noble (Noble’s, Hingham, MA) a repeat Success Seminar attendee

New Success Seminars — featuring Bill McCurry, author of PMA’s newest book, Digital Guerrilla Marketing — will be coming to a U.S. or Canadian city near you beginning in early May. (Schedule below)

These lively, information-packed seminars are specially designed for every independent imaging firm that wants to increase profits, regardless of their film, paper or equipment suppliers.

Simply keep your ears, eyes and mind open. You’ll learn how to get on the road to success and come away with a year’s supply of new management techniques, and marketing ideas to lead you on your way. Your only obligation is to positively impact your prosperity by adopting some of the tried-and-true strategies you’ll hear about in these sessions.

No commercials: Your time will be invested in sessions to improve your profits. The presentations are business solution oriented and there will be no commercials for Agfa products. Agfa does have products that will also help your profit increase. We encourage you to investigate how Agfa can help your bottom line. Please contact your local Agfa sales rep and set an appointment for before or after the sessions. Unsure how to reach your Agfa Sales Rep? Call (800) 926-2432.

Doors will open at 8:00am – Continental Breakfast will be available.

Three New Sessions – 90 minutes each.

9:15am – 10:45am Making Money, Having Fun, and Helping People – All at the Same Time

Whether you’re constantly on the counter, occasionally helping on the sales floor, or supervising your retail team, you’ll want to discover the latest ways to successfully help your customers, all while enjoying a more rewarding and profitable relationship with them. Your entire staff will benefit from this session.

10:45am – 11:15am Break, individual discussions with Bill McCurry and networking opportunities

11:15am – 12:45am Focusing Your Team for Success in Tough Economic Times

Tough times don’t mean you have to be tough on your people – but they do mean you have to implement revised strategies that will work for your specific situation. Success is sometimes as simple as taking proven ideas and strategies and implementing them, making sure that everyone in your organization understands the goal. This session is for owners and managers.

12:45pm – 2:10pm Networking Lunch/Informal Idea Exchange

2:10pm – 3:40pm Digital Marketing with Little Cash

In these changing times, you can build a flourishing business using your head instead of your checkbook. This session gives you real world examples of how to generate repeat — and new — business without breaking the bank. Learn how to supercharge your success with innovative ideas that will propel your business to the next level. This session is for owners and managers.

Why are reservations needed? To insure you of a seat and food. McCurry packs the house and you could be left out in the cold (fire regulations limit the size of the audience, if we know ahead of time you’re coming we can sometimes move to a bigger room.) Hey, there will be eats there – but nothing for you if we don’t know you’re coming.

These seminars are free for qualified imaging firms so don’t delay. They are open to all imaging firms regardless of equipment or paper suppliers – even if you don’t have a lab you will learn valuable strategies that will make your imaging business prosper.

But wait…there's more! Each company who sends at least one person to the seminar will receive FREE a copy of the new Digital Guerrilla Marketing book. This book was published by PMA and introduced at this year's PMA convention. The non member price is $44.50 - Agfa will give one to each organization who attends the seminar so they can keep this valuable resource in their company library - or start a company library with the most profit enhancing book available for our industry.

To find out when the Agfa Success Seminar will be in your area and to get registration information, contact: Agfa’s Success Seminar Reservation line @ 1-800-926-2432. Seating is limited and reservations will be on a first come first served basis so call now. 


You can’t afford to miss these seminars….
but your competition hopes you do.

All seminars for 2003 have been completed. The industry thanks Bill McCurry and sponsor Agfa.