Digital Image Memory Cards
updated 5/20/99

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Which card fits what? It's confusing. I still think that "PCMCIA" stands for People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms!

This listing is by no means complete, and is not guaranteed. If you notice any errors, please contact us.

Compact Flash cards are thicker than SmartMedia because they have a metal shell. Smartmedia cards are thinner (which is why they can fit in floppy disk adapters such as the FlashPath) and usually a little cheaper. Currently Compact Flash cards are available in larger sizes (higher capacity) than SmartMedia.

There are two types of SmartMedia cards: 5 volt and 3.3 volt. Interchangeability is less than 100%, although some cameras will use either type. With the latest software, FlashPath floppy disk adapters can be used with either voltage.

Many cameras that accept Type II cards will also accept Type I or Type III cards; with adapter they can also use Compact Flash or SmartMedia cards.

Canon EOS DC2000 CF, Type II
Powershot 350 CF
Powershot 600 Type II
Powershot A5 CF
Powersho Pro 70 CF
Casio QV-700 CF
QV-7000SX CF
Epson CP-500 CF
PhotoPC 600 CF
PhotoPC 700 CF
PhotoPC 750Z CF
Fuji DS-300 CF
DX-5 SmartMedia 5V
DX-7 SmartMedia 3.3V
DX-9 SmartMedia 3.3V
MX-600 SmartMedia 3.3V
MX-700 SmartMedia 3.3V
MX-2700 SmartMedia 3.3V
Hitachi MP-EG1A Type II
HP PhotoSmart C20 CF
PhotoSmart C30 CF
Kodak DC-10 internal only
DC-25 CF
DC-50 Type II
DC-120 CF
DC200 CF
DC210, 210 Plus CF
DC220 CF
DC245 CF
DC260 CF
DCS520 Type II
Konica DG-1 CF
Q-Mini CF
Q-M100V CF
Kyocera/Yashica DR-350 CF
Samurai 1300DG CF
Minolta Dimage V SmartMedia 5V
Dimage EX 1500 CF
RD175 Type II
Mitsubishi DJ-1000 CF
NEC Picona CF
Nikon Coolpix 600 CF
Coolpix 700 CF
Coolpix 900 CF
Coolpix 910 CF
Coolpix 950 CF
Olympus C-420L SmartMedia 3.3V
C-820L SmartMedia 3.3V
D-220L SmartMedia 3.3V
D-320L SmartMedia 3.3V
D-340L SmartMedia 3.3V
D-340R SmartMedia 3.3V
D-500L SmartMedia 3.3V
D-600L SmartMedia 3.3V
D-620L SmartMedia 3.3V
C-2000 SmartMedia 3.3V
Philips Type II
Polaroid PDC-3000 CF
Ricoh RDC-2 Type II
Samsung SSC-410N CF
Digimax 100 CF
Vivitar ViviCam 2700 CF
ViviCam 2750 Internal or CF
ViviCam 3100 Type II
Yashica/Kyocera DR-350 CF
Samurai 1300DG CF
KC-600 CF
Type of Card Fits these cameras
ATA Flash Memory Card Fuji DS-300
Associated Press Quicktake 150
Minolta ED-175
Canon EOS DCS3
Nikon E2
Kodak DC50, DCS420
Kodak DCS-460, EOS DCS-5
Compact Flash Card Yashica KC-600
Smart Media Memory Card
5 volt (type 1)
Smart Media Memory Card
3.3 volt (type 11)
later Fuji
Linear Flash Memory Card Chinon ES-3000
Dycam DC-10, 3, 3XL, 4, 4XL
Promaster Digital #1

Much of this information, and the illustration, are courtesy of Delkin Devices