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Frequently Asked Questions about the Advanced Photo System (APS)

The most important 4 things you should know about APS:

  1. Your new APS camera will let you choose between three sizes of pictures, all on the same roll - 4x6, 4x7 (great for groups), and 4x11.5 inch panoramas
  2. Your exposed negatives are returned inside the film cassette for security and ease of handling - you never need to touch them.
  3. You automatically receive an Index Print showing all the shots on your roll, so you can easily select favorite pictures for reprints and enlargements.
  4. As a photo specialty dealer, you should be the Imaging Expert in APS.

Who had this great idea? Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Minolta and Nikon teamed up to develop this exciting new system. It's the first time in history that the biggest names in photography have pooled their talents to create a new film size - so we know that "the idea is going to fly!"

Is it the same as 35mm film? No, it's an all-new film size

Is it easier to load than 35mm? Yes. The new cartridge only fits in one way. There is no "tongue" to be threaded, and loading is completely automatic.

Are the pictures sharp? Extremely sharp and colorful. The combination of a new base material for the film and improved emulsion characteristics, coupled with "information exchange" between the camera, film and lab, gives dramatic results.

Suppose I change my mind after taking panoramic pictures? When you order reprints, you can get any size you want - no matter what you chose when you took the original picture!

What size are the digital images? There aren't any digital images, conventional silver-halide negatives are the storage medium. They are returned inside the original film canister, so hold onto it!

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